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The Principal

 Barnes is not just Geography or History. It is not just a school, an educational institution, a mere structure. It is much more […]


Our Staff

A teacher’s purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop students who can create   […]


The Crest

From the College of Arms, London, we have obtained the following complete authentic description   […]


Our Alumni

Its not about me, its about a lot of people who cared and are responsible for  my success.   […]


Admissions Open

Residential / Boarding Admissions Open:

Preparatory to Class IX



All India National Integration Camp – Monday, 14th December to Friday, 25th December 2015

Packed with orientation training, guest lectures, debates, group discussions, National Integration Awareness Presentation (NIAP) and cultural activities, the National Integration Camp aims to foster the spirit of National Integration & Solidarity amongst NCC cadets by providing them with opportunities of community living and working with cadets of other states to inculcate a sense of communal and religious harmony.

Success Story

success_stories  Barnes School & Junior College, Devlali. No. 1 School in Maharashtra & Nashik […]



School Song

Hear our loyal anthem, as we make it rise
To our School, with all our might;
Barnes has reared us taught us all the good we prize,
Here we’ve learnt what’s true and right.

CHORUS: Onward Barnes! Upward Barnes!
Shall be our watchword and our aim,
Till the echoes ring, let us sing,
To your honour, praise and fame.

Awkward cubs we were when first we came to School
Often grimy, spoilt and slack;
Heavy was the way till we had learnt the rule,
Learnt to know and keep the track.

Grown we are in stature, strong we are in mind,
Now we see they nobly live,
That forsake vain glory, gentle are and kind.
Ever strive their best to give.

Comes the time for parting, onward we must go,
Face the world as men at length,
But we will remember all the school we owe,
May we go from strength to strength.


Quick Glance At Barnes


The Vice Principal

With a Masters in English Literature & Political Science and Bachelor in Education and a career that has spanned nineteen years, in various capacities   […]


Eminent Structure

  • Gate Lodge
  • Evans Hall
  • Chapel
  • Lloyd block
  • Academic block […]



The School is affiliated to the following Boards in India and conducts examinations in Std. 10 and Std. 12. The Indian School Certificate (ISC) and Indian Certificate   […]



” a memory is photgraph by the heart to make a special moment last forever “…


Boys:  Greaves

Girls:  Hellen Keller


Boys:  Spence

Girls:  Florence Nightingale


Boys:  Royal

Girls:  Edith Cavell


Boys: Candy

Girls:  Joan of Arc