Barnes School & Junior College, Devlali

Session: 2013 – 2014

Break – Up of Courses – Term II

Class: V




SA – 2

English – I Comprehension, Informal Letter Writing, Composition & Grammar – Articles

(Pg. 45,66,to 69) Unit 7,8 & 9


Project Work – Information on Tigers & pictures (Pg. 5 to 6)

Activity – Real English Pg.75, Picture Comprehension

Comprehension, Comprehension, Letter Writing, Composition, Grammar – Unit 7 to Unit 12, Prepositions Unit 14
English – II Heidi I – Ch 4 (supplementary reader)

Questions – Ch 8

Heidi II – Ch 5 (Project Work)

Wishes(Poem) – Ch 10 (Activity)


Ch – 4,7,9,11
Maths Metric System, Rounding nos. & Unitary Method Project Work – 3D Models of different Shapes & find the Perimeter & Area.

Activity – To find out the Averages related to attendance, height & marks of the class.

General Science Ch.7 – Rocks & Minerals

Ch.8 – Air & Water

Projects – 1) Models of joints 2) Simple Machine 3) Volcano

Activity – To show Air has Weight or Making a Pulley

Social Studies Ch.7 – Prairies – The Grasslands

Ch.8 – Means of Transport

Project Work – Ch.9 – Means of Communication. Based on the various communication devices & way.

Great People Never Die.

Ch.17 – The First War of Independence.

Ch.18 – Struggle for Freedom.

Ch.19 – India Wins Freedom

Comp. App Ch.4 – Boolean Algebra

Ch.5 – Introduction to Java

Project Work – Any one topic – Computers in Our Life, Concepts of Java & Input/output Devices(10 pages)

Activity – Preparation of Chart on any topic given by Teacher.

French Text Book Pg.19 to 23

Ch.2 Pg.26 to 29

Ch.3 – How to present yourself & Dialogue writing. Ch.4 & 5

Class: VI




SA – 2

English – I  Comprehension, More Verbs (Unit 9,10,11,12) Project Work: Letter Writing – Types of Letters. (1) Formal (2) Informal

Write a letter to your aunt describing your School, friends and other activities.

Activity – Listening activity from the Textbook.

 Composition, Comprehension, Letter Writing, Verbs, Adverbs, Preposition, Conjunctions
English – II Poem- Your religion is your religion A biography on Rabindranath Tagore, Poem: I am the people, The mob 1&2 Stanzas.


Your religion is your religion, I am the people, The mob, Once there was a King, The child’s Story, Peddler Polly.
Maths Ch.8 – Ratio

Ch. 9 – Percentage

Project Work – The Circle (Ch.21) – 4 different Circular objects are brought to Class. They are copied on to a sheet. Diameter/Radius calculated

Activity – Profit & Loss Ch.10 – Bill format with S.P. & C.P. will be given to the students to calculate Profit & Loss

General Science Animals – Form & Functions.

Motion Measurement & Distances.

Project Work – 1)Observation of X-ray Films & Report

2) Collect information about Rock Garden from Chandigarh

Activity – Seperation of Iron objects using magnets.

Making an Electric circuit from battery & bulb.

Hist & Civics Later Vedic Period Project Work – Information of Jainism & Buddhism.

Activity – Scrap Page – Picture & Information on the Ashokan Pillar at Sarnath.

Later Vedic Period, Rural Local Self Government, Jainism & Buddhism, Urban Local Self Government, The Mauryan Empire, The Gupta Empire.
Geography Sugarcane cultivation in Queensland Project Work – Africa- People their economic activities. 1) People of Africa 2) Distribution of population 3) Occupation

Activity – Outline map of Africa, Mark nations of Africa

Sugarcane cultivation in Queensland, Africa- The land & its resources, The Gift of Nile, Life of Bushman, Cocoa cultivation in Ghana.

Map Work – Africa(Physical features)

Comp. App Ch.4 Introduction to Java

Ch.5 Introduction to Powerpoint

Project Work – Any one topic – Programming in JAVA, Use of MSWORD & MS Powerpoint (10 pages)

Activity – Preparation of Chart on any topic given by Teacher.

French Ch.3 & 4 Ch.5 – Masculine & Feminine form of words & Verb Table Ch.6,7 & 8

Class: VII




SA – 2

English – I Comprehension – Unseen Project: The life and work of Helen Keller(3 pages)

Activity: Speech or recitation of 1 min

Composition, Comprehension, Letter Writing, Grammar: Reported Speech (6, 7), Passive Voice (11), Adjectives (15), Past Perfect (15), Tenses, Adverb, Conjunctions, Prepositions (16).
English – II Ch. 4 Project: The life and work of O. Henry (3pages)

Activity: Compose a Limerick of their own with a drawing.

Ch – 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10
Maths Ch.8 – Ratio & Proportion

Ch.9 – Percent & Percentage

Project – Ch.31 – Perimeter & Area – Get 5 objects in Rectangular & Square Shapes. Find Perimeter & Area in the Class.

Activity – Ch.7 – Speed, Distance & Time – Children find the Distance between 2 places & the Time taken to cover it. They Calculate speed in the Class.

Physics Light & Shadow Project Work – Solar/Lunar Eclipse.

Activity – Simple Electric Circuit.

Chemistry Air, Oxygen & Oxides Project Work – Chart on Metals & Non- Metals.

Activity – Test for Water

Biology Ingestion, Digestion, Absorption & Assimilation in Humans Project Work – Chart on Systems.

Activity – Identify the different parts of Skeletal System & Digestive System

Hist & Civics Akbar the Great Project Work – The Red Fort

Activity – On an outline map of India mark out the areas under Akbar’s reign.

Akbar the Great, The Union & State Legislature, Jahangir & Shah Jahan, The Judiciary,The Reign of Aurangzeb and the Marathas.
Geography Detroit Automobile Industry of USA, Silicon Valley Project Work – Antarctica.

Activity – Outline map of South America mark the Cities & Countries Pg.110

Detroit Automobile Industry of USA, Silicon Valley, South America Location & physical features, Coffee Fuzenda in Brazil, Pastoral Industry in Argentina, The Guano Islands

Map Work – S. America physical features

Comp. App Ch.4 More About MS- PowerPoint

Ch.5 Introduction to JAVA

Project Work – Any one topic – Programming in JAVA, MS PowerPoint & Concepts of Internet(10 pages)

Activity – Preparation of Chart on any topic given by Teacher.


Class: VIII




SA – 2

English – I Verb, Articles, Preposition Study the given picture and write a composition (150 – 200 Words)

Activity: Extempore

Composition, Comprehension, Letter Writing, Grammar: Verb, Articles, Preposition, Transformation of sentences, Active & Passive Voice, Tenses
English – II Ch – 4 Project: Literary Devices used in Poetry

Activity: The various types of Poems

Short Stories: Ch:4, 5 & 6

Poems: 4, 5 & 6

Drama: MoV – Act 1 & 2

Physics Transfer of Heat Project Work – Good & Bad Conductor of Heat.

Activity – Experiment on sound produced by vibrations

Ch.10,14,16,17(Part I only)
Chemistry Water Project Work – Model or Chart of 5 Compounds.

Activity – Identification of Acids, Bases & Salts

Biology Nervous System & Sense Organ Project Work – Food Product & Management.

Activity – Identify the different Parts of Heart.

Ch.6,7,8,9,10(Part I),11(Part II)
Hist & Civics Ch.12 The Revolt of 1857 Project Work – On the Rani Jhansi & Mana Saheb.

Activity – Scrap page on the UN

Geography Asia: The Land & its resources Project Work – Cotton Textile Industry in Mumbai & Ahmedabad.(Development, Dispersal & Seek units)

Activity – Mark & name the IT industrial Cities of Silicon triangle on a map of India.

Asia: The Land & its resources Ch.13,14,15,16,17,18
Comp. App Ch.4 More About MS Excel

Ch.5 Introduction to MS Access

Project Work – Any one topic – Programming in JAVA, MS Excel & Introduction to Internet(10 pages)

Activity – Preparation of Chart on any topic given by Teacher.


Ch.6 – Introduction to JAVA