Junior Staff
Mrs. Veena Luke


Mrs. Veena Luke  ( B.A. B.Ed. )

Junior School Supervisor

Mrs. Sharon Frederick


Mrs. Sharon Frederick (B.A., T.T.C)

Block Mistress (girls) / House Mistress (Florence Nightingale)

D.O.J :


Mrs. Rooma Das

ROOMADASMrs. Rooma Das is the Computer Teacher. She completed her Class 10 and Class 12 from U.P. State Board. She has completed her B.A. with Computer Application from Lucknow University. She has also completed her Post Graduation in Computer Diploma. She spends her free time in Listening to Music and Cooking. She plays Chess. In her other talents she is fond of Singing.

Mr. Furgus Simmons

Mr. Fergus Simmons

Mr. Furgus Simmons has done his B.A from North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon in the year 2008, then he completed his B.P.Ed from North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon in the year 2010. He is interested in listening to music, cooking, playing, hiking and coaching football. His favourite games are football, cricket, hockey and basketball. He is simple hearted and is ready to take up challenges in life.

Mrs. Bernadine Fernandez

Mrs. Bernandine Fernandez

Mrs. Bernadine Fernandez is a Montessori trained teacher. Her art and craft skills are beyond explanation. She joined Barnes in 1991 and has been teaching here tirelessly for the past 20 years. She puts her decorative skills to use for every school function which gives it a different colour. There is a personal touch in all her work. She enjoys parties and is a very sociable person. She is the House Vice-President of Edith Cavell.

Mrs. Beena Thapa

Mrs. Beena Thapa

Mrs. Beena Thapa is a B.A. from the Jamshedpur Womens College and a B.Ed. from the Loyola College of Education, Ranchi University. Mrs. Thapa joined Barnes after teaching for 18 years in various schools viz. St. Joseph’s Convent, Darjeeling, St. Paul’s School, Patna, Valley View School, Jamshedpur and Priceless Pearl Scholars Academy. She excels in needle-work and artificial flower making besides her interests in music, cooking and reading.

Mrs. Judline Dinger

Mrs. Judline Dinger

Mrs. Judeline Dinger completed her education from St, Mark’s, Jhansi and her Trained Teachers Certificate from St. Mary’s Training College, Allahabad. She joined Barnes in 1983 and has been working here for 27 long years. Mrs. Dinger has seen, in her long stay in Barnes, the changes that time has brought about for the development and enhancement of various facilities over the years. She enjoys working here and is very nostalgic about the many years spent here. She spends a lot of her time cooking and is an outstanding cricketer. She has represented the state in various tournaments. She is the House Vice-President of Florence Nightingale.

Ms. Marie Colette Fernandez

Mrs. Marie Fernandes

Ms. Marie Colette Fernandez completed her Teachers Training from St. Mary’s Junior College of Education, Pune. She has been teaching in Barnes for the past three years. Prior to that she had been teaching in St. Joseph’s Convent, Nagpur for 16 years. During her free time she enjoys cooking, gardening, painting and embroidery. She is the House Mistress for the Junior Boys Dormitory. She also takes care of the chapel services on Sundays. She is the House Vice-President of Helen Keller.

Mrs. Donna Everett


Mrs. Donna Everett has done her B.A from Ajmer University and her B.Ed from MDS University, Ajmer. She worked in Sophia School Ajmer in the year July 1992 – June 1994, Then in St Patrick’s School Jodhpur in the year July 1994 – July 2000 and in Sophia School Ajmer in the year July 2000 – June 2011. She is passionate about teaching, guiding and mentoring not only slow paced learners to cope but also the outstanding brilliant with challenging work and opportunity to excel. A voracious reader and learner keeping with modern pedagogues and teaching methodologies. She is very talented in singing, dancing and directing plays. She is currently the Class Teacher of Class 3 C.

Mrs. Shelly Redden

Mrs. Shelley Redden

Mrs. Shelley Redden did her Matriculation from Andhra University and her Trained Teachers Certificate from St. Mary’s Teachers Training College, Allahabad. Mrs. Redden is an excellent singer and her family is also very musically oriented. She has taught in St. Joseph’s Convent, Kalimpong, for a year, The Assembly of God Church, Kolkata for 7 years and then joined Barnes in 1994, however she left for Bishops School, Pune in 2004 and has returned to Barnes again this year. She also excels in dancing, dramatics, debates and elocution. She enjoys games like throw ball and badminton. By nature she is a very loving and approachable person and always ready to extend a helping hand. She is the class teacher of Class 2 B.