Pastoral care

It is our belief at Barnes that co-education offers the richest opportunities for the children of the 21st century because it brings out the best in everybody. In the Senior School the Vice- Principal heads a team of Tutors, comprising teaching staff, who are responsible for the all round development of a small group of students under each ones care. They help identify, broaden and develop their tutees’ talents and interests, and give advice about academic choices, decisions and help them iron out problems of any kind.


It is hard to overstate the strength that this tutorial system gives to Barnes. It simply makes a large school seem much smaller, and more personal. Tutors, as well as Housemasters and Housemistresses, act as an all-important link between parents and the school.
In the Junior School a similar role for each student is performed by the classroom teacher, and every effort is made to develop this three-way relationship between the teacher, student and parents.