The School Song
Onward Barnes

Hear our loyal anthem, as we make it rise
To our School, with all our might;
Barnes has reared us taught us all the good we prize,
Here we’ve learnt what’s true and right.

Onward Barnes! Upward Barnes!
Shall be our watchword and our aim,
Till the echoes ring, let us sing,
To your honour, praise and fame.
Awkward cubs we were when first we came to School
Often grimy, spoilt and slack;
Heavy was the way till we had learnt the rule,
Learnt to know and keep the track.

Grown we are in stature, strong we are in mind,
Now we see they nobly live,
That forsake vain glory, gentle are and kind.
Ever strive their best to give.

Comes the time for parting, onward we must go,
Face the world as men at length,
But we will remember all the school we owe,
May we go from strength to strength.