The Annual Report


 2011 – 2012

 Honoured Chief Guest, Brigadier Rajiv Raina, Ladies and Gentlemen, and my dear boys and girls.

We are truly privileged to have Brigadier Raina, the Commandant of the Combat Army Aviation Training School (CATS), as the honoured guest at our  87th Annual Prize Giving Function.

On behalf of the school, I wish to express our thanks and appreciation to Brigadier Raina for setting aside his busy schedule and being at Barnes for the Prize Day.

This is the time of the year when we take stock of our progress and put forth an account of our efforts to educate our young. It is also the time we bid farewell to some of our Members of Staff, at the same time, we would be welcoming some new members who are all set to become a part of Barnes.

1.     STAFF

I took charge as the Headmaster of Barnes School & Junior College on 1st June 2011. A number of new Members of Staff joined at the same time as I did, while others followed during the year. Mr. Keith Everett, the Assistant Headmaster, Mrs. Donna Everett, Mrs. Dola Sengupta, Miss Anupama Singh, Mrs. Meenakshi Sharma, Mr. Abhishek Gaur, Mr. Arthur Bergeon, Miss Nisha Nair, Miss Harshita Mishra, Mrs. Veena Luke, Mrs. Kavita Kacker, Mrs. Seema Deokar, Mr. Vaibhav Patil and a new matron, Miss Annabelle Edwards were among the new staff. The school office too had its share of new faces, with the appointment of Mrs. Josephine Pinto, as the Junior Accounts Clerk and Miss Amita Kapse, as the Assistant to Mr. Shawn Tims, Coordinator – Admissions, in the Admission Cell.

Mrs. Natasha Gupta, a teacher in the Junior College section and Mrs. Elaine Holt, Matron in the Girls’ Hostel, left Barnes at the end of the Academic Year due to personal reasons.

Barnes is like a huge ship that has weathered many a rough seas and some very stormy waters, especially in the last few years. However, on behalf of the staff and students, it must be said that our Board of Directors, along with our newly appointed CEO, Mr. Carl Laurie and the Executive Committee of the Bombay Education Society, have made tireless efforts towards the improvement, growth and development of this institution.  Their dedication and persistence has made sure that this ship of ours stays on course throughout its journey.

In spite of having extremely busy schedules and timelines, our Management has been with us every step of the way. Through frequent visits to the school, or through telephone conversations and emails, the Board’s easy approachability and involvement in the process of growth and development ensures that the feeling of “I am all alone out here” never creeps into my mind. I often marvel at their constant participation and continued dedication of purpose. Hence, it will not be out of place, to state on record, my sincere gratitude to the Board of Directors of the Bombay Education Society, namely Mr. R.K. White, the President, Mr. R.C. Woodman, the Honorary Secretary,   Mr. Suresh Daniel, the Treasurer and last, but not the least, Mr. Carl Laurie, our CEO, who incidentally, is also the Principal of our sister school, Christ Church School in Byculla, Mumbai. I sincerely appreciate their constant help and guidance, not forgetting the constant friendly nudges and encouragement from them, as well.


The school re-opened on 11th June 2011 after running under the leadership of Mr. Trevor Jacob, our Vice Principal. For five months, from January 2011 to May 2011, Barnes was without a Principal. It was like a ship without its Captain. Mr. Trevor Jacob, the Vice Principal was handed the responsibility of running Barnes by the Board of Directors, during these testing six months. He did a commendable job of holding the reins until the joining of a new Principal.

I took over as Headmaster on 1st June 2011. The school strength at the time was 1224 students, 238 of which were boarders, including 189 boys and 49 girls. The remaining 986 were Day Scholars, with 514 boys and 472 girls. As of today, our total strength is 1217 students, including boarders and day scholars.


This year’s ICSE Class X & the ISC Class XII results were good. Though, I cannot help but think that they could have been better. With one failure in each, the ICSE and the ISC, the overall pass percentage was 99.12 % for the Class Tens and 92.85 % for the Class Twelves. What was really heartening to note was the remarkable number of students, 87 out of a total of 114 students sent up for the ICSE Class 10 Examinations, who found their way to make it to the First Class.

Surbhi Dhuppad of Class X made us proud by taking the top position with 96.80 %. 7 students made it to the nineties, 22 were able to get to the eighties, while the seventies included 26 students.

Princy Khumujam topped the ISC Class XII Science Stream with 76.50%, while the Commerce Stream saw Rohit Pagarani make it to the top with 75%.

A hearty congratulation to all of them!


A boarding school does provide greater scope for an all round and versatile development of a child by providing opportunities to grow beyond mere Academics, through the availability of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Barnes covers a wide range of activities all through the year – in tune with the different seasons. The last Academic Year was no exception.

Despite the rains, the Cross Country was keenly participated in. Football, Hockey, Cricket, Basketball, Lawn Tennis & Badminton were closely contested and played with much enthusiasm and passion.

Boxing, a sport that has met a sad death in most of the schools, continues to be one of the most highly anticipated and keenly fought events of the year.

Roller Skating saw a number of eager students gliding through the skating ring, but not before a few of them slipped and fell, only to pull themselves up and start rolling with even more fervour. It was a delight to watch three year old Guru Sonawane of Playgroup put on his skates and start moving with the other young kids, following the instructions of the skating coach.

Debates, Singing, Elocution, Dramatics, Quizzes and other such cultural and co-curricular activities kept the students and the staff on their toes throughout the year.

The “All Maharashtra ICSE Schools Anglo-Indian Football and Basketball Tournaments” were the cream of the crop. Held in August 2011, these tournaments were hosted by Barnes a second year in the running.

Although our team ended up in the 3rd position in the football tournament, it is worth mentioning that we do have the firepower in the form of some outstanding footballers to go all the way and lift the trophy.

The Stephen Anderson Memorial Tournament held at Christ Church, in Byculla (Mumbai) presented our footballers with another opportunity to showcase their talent. This time they were not to be satisfied with the “3rd Position” and went all the way to bring home the trophy.

The disappointment of our Girls’ Basketball Team having failed to make an impression during the tournament was compensated to some extent by the fact that a couple of our basketball players were selected and have represented Barnes at the State Level.


The highs of 2011 – 2012 were:

  • Basketball

After the disappointing performance of the Girls’ Basketball Team during the “All Maharashtra ICSE Schools Anglo-Indian Football and Basketball Tournaments”, the girls were put under the charge of a new Basketball Coach. The positive change in the attitude of the girls and the considerable change in the standard of play is clearly noticeable. As mentioned, two of our boarder girls, Glendoveer Paul and Valerie Paul, have been playing at the State Level for Barnes.

  • Drawing

The Elementary and Intermediate Grade Examinations conducted by the Government of India present a sort of a platform for children who wish to pursue fine Arts in later years. Last year, seven students were selected to appear for the Elementary Examinations, while fourteen students sat for the Intermediate Examinations. Out of these fourteen, two were awarded an “A” Grade.

A few of our young artists also participated in the Junior Chamber International Drawing Competition, where Pooja Papneja of Class V C bagged the 1st Prize, while Harpreet Kaur of Class VIII C and Rohan Khara of Class VII C managed to hold on to the 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively.

Congratulations to our young Picassos and their Drawing Teacher, Mr. Ashutosh Jadhav!

  • Music

A Hearty Congratulation to Hrushikesh Thole of Barnes. This Class IX student won the Scholarship from the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training for excellence in playing the Harmonium.

Great going, Hrushikesh!

  • Self Defence

Harsh Maheshwari of Class VIII A attended a one year camp at Balewadi in Pune, where he was selected to be part of the 5th World Teakwondo Culture Expo held in Seoul, Korea. His excellent performance earned him two medals, a Silver and a Bronze. I guess we may have our very own Jackie Chan in the making!

Congratulations to Harsh as well!


Tanishq Mal, a Class II A student, grabbed the second position in the Rangbhar Kala Vikas Sanstha of Ratnagiri District. He even managed to win the title of “Adarsh Shala” (IdealSchool) for Barnes.

Well done, Tanishq!

Urjita Girase, Shraddha Gawli, Pratiksha Bhatia and Rohini Chavan, all students of Barnes, were honoured by the Student Development Society for their outstanding colouring skills, while Ishita Ambekar, Parimal Gangurde and Sakshi Rawat were chosen for their excellent handwriting.

Surbhi Dhuppad, the Class X ICSE topper, along with Apurva Balyan of  Class IX A stood first among the Senior Debating group. They brought home a Cash Prize of `10,000/-.

Hats off to Surbhi and Apurva!

I was delighted to be honoured with “ The Ideal Principal Award 2011 ” in my first year here at Barnes, while our Art Teacher, Mr. Ashutosh Jadhav was “ The Ideal Teacher for 2011 ”.

Perhaps, the icing on the cake, was “The Ideal School Award for 2011” for Barnes School & Junior College.

A hearty congratulation to all our achievers who have brought laurels to our school, and to the teachers who were working behind the scenes to make it all possible. Well done and keep up the good work!


The Annual School Fete was held on Sunday, 5th February 2012. The grand success of the Fete ensured a healthy profit for the school, which in turn would contribute towards the growth and development of our institution.

I wish to thank my staff for making the Annual Fete a roaring success through their hard work and contribution.


“Educomp”, the software firm that provides digital smartboards to schools, conducted a workshop on E-Learning for our staff. It was a two-day orientation & included basic training on the use of smartboards as a teaching aid. Classes 1 to 10 have been installed with digital smartboards that are educating and enhancing the students’ knowledge, making the teaching process more effective for teachers and the learning process more interesting for students.

The implementation of the Unified Council Mathematics, Science and Cyber Olympiad Examination for the students met with great success. The parents too jumped at this opportunity which would help prepare their children for future competitive examinations.

The introduction of The Cambridge University’s English Classes has been instrumental in refining and polishing the English speaking and writing skills of our students.

8.     HEALTH

As a school, especially a residential one, we were fortunate to be spared of major illnesses or epidemics such as chicken-pox, measles, mums, conjunctivitis.


As I reach the end of my report, I thank the Good Lord for his protection to the school amidst all its progress. I thank our Management and our Staff, without whose support it would not have been possible to sail through rough seas and stormy waters.

Congratulations to all those students who would be taking away the prizes for outstanding achievements in Academics, Sports and other fields.

To those who lost out this year, I must say that there is no reason to feel disheartened. Look at the brighter side – maybe, this is a “Wake-up Call” for you. There is always a next time. Make it count!

To wrap it all up, I would like to thank the parents of our students, who have instilled the values of a good education in their children. I can imagine what a wonderful feeling it must be to see your child being rewarded here this evening for all the efforts put in throughout the year. Yes, it is time for all the hard work to pay off!


Julian Luke











2012 – 2013

Honoured Chief Guest, Dr. Dhanesh Devidas Kalal, Distinguished Guests, Parents / Guardians and my dear students,
This 88th Annual Prize Day we are fortunate to have Dr. Dhanesh Devidas Kalal, the Principal of J.D.C. Bytco College of Management Studies & Research, Nasik, as the Chief Guest for the evening.
Dr. Kalal‟s contribution towards Education in India is so vast that it would take me the whole evening to lay it out in front of those who have gathered today. I guess it would suffice to know that we are in the company of an extremely well-read and extraordinary person.
Born in 1958, Dr. Kalal did his Ph.D. in 1999 and followed it up with a Postdoctoral Research in 2006 from Bremen, Germany. In addition to attending a number of Seminars dealing with the promotion of women as Entrepreneurship Trainers, Higher Education & HRD and an introspect into the city of Pune, he has also been a part of International Workshops, such as The International Workshop on Innovations in Training and the International Convention of Forum for Educators and Scholars of Tourism.
Dr. Kalal‟s publication work includes a Thesis titled “Cantonment Towns of India” (A Geographical Study of Pune Cantonment), published in 2000, which makes me wonder if we should request Dr. Kalal to do a Thesis on our very own “Devlali”, since it too falls under the category of “Cantonment Towns of India”.
As I mentioned earlier, I wouldn‟t know when and where to stop once we delve into the achievements of our Honoured Chief Guest. However, it is worth mentioning that Dr. Kalal carries the honour of being the recipient of the Commonwealth Scholarship 2010 and the DAAD Scholarship for Post-Doctoral Research, Germany.
Dr. Kalal – We cannot thank you enough for agreeing so whole heartedly to our request for being present as the Chief Guest for this evening.
Moving on to our agenda for the day – the just-completed Academic Session of 2012 – 2013, the events, the unforgettable moments, the joys and the heartbreaks, the accomplishments and the failures that defined Barnes during this session.
The best part about being in a school is that time flies. With tests, assessments, corrections, examinations, sports and extracurricular activities throughout the year, barely one Academic Year has come to an end and the next session is staring around the corner with more things to do, greater tasks to fulfil.
This year, we were all the more hard pressed for time as we made way for the New Academic Year, 2013 – 2014, to begin from April.
The idea behind beginning the Academic Year 2013 – 2014 from April rather than the usual practice of beginning in June each year, is to add a few more precious, or should I say, productive working days during the year. These additional working days would certainly come in handy to help the teachers complete the syllabus much before the planned deadline and have the students better prepared.
Let‟s begin by bidding farewell to the Members of Staff who left us during the year and at the same time welcome those who joined us with the different areas of expertise that they have to offer in the services of this institution.


The biggest loss came to us at the very beginning of the Academic Year with Mr. Trevor Jacob, our previous Vice Principal resigning from Barnes to take up the post of a Principal in a school in Himachal Pradesh.
In August 2012, Mrs. Azra Shaikh, the Physics Teacher of our Junior College and the Senior School, left Barnes for personal reasons.
Two of our Junior School Teachers, Mrs. Chetna Raina, Class Teacher of Class 3 and Mrs. Pooja Yadav, the Hindi Teacher, wives of defence personnel, moved away to different states across India as their husbands relocated owing to a call of duty.
Mr. Shawn Tims, the English and Geography Teacher in the Senior School and the Coordinator of Admissions, along with his wife, Mrs. Evelyn Tims, who taught the Junior Classes, decided to move from Barnes in search of better opportunities.
From the School Mess Department, we had Mr. Thomas Mathai, the Mess Superintendent, leave us in March this year, while Mrs. Marie Baptista, a Matron in the Senior Boys‟ Hostel, took her retirement at the end of the Academic Session.
The emptiness that the school felt due to the loss of these Members of Staff, especially those who had put in more than a few excellent years of service to Barnes, was compensated to an extent by the new, young faces of those who joined.
Miss Uttara Kulkarni, who, in addition to her teaching experience, was the Director of Own Coaching Institution, teaching CET and AIEEE, strengthened our Junior College by joining in June 2012, followed closely by Miss Menaka Somaiya as a Teacher in the Senior School.
Ms Zeena Fernandes joined in July in the capacity of the School Counsellor to provide emotional support to the children of our school.
Miss Finella D‟Cruz, the Nursery Teacher and Mr. Deepak Rajput, the Accountancy Teacher, who had been teaching in Barnes on a contract basis, were given the opportunity to become permanent employees upon satisfactory completion of their Probationary Period.
Mrs. Charlotte Thopil filled the void left by the resignation of Mrs. Azra Shaikh, the Physics Teacher and helped the students carry on with their studies in continuity, without breaking the rhythm.
At the end of the Academic Year, in March 2013, Mrs. Smita Vishal Bhavanavar joined as the replacement for a Junior School Hindi Teacher.
Mr. Leslie LaRiviere, with several years of teaching experience in The Bishop‟s School, Pune, joined in March 2013 as a Middle School Teacher, along with his wife, Mrs. Dimple LaRiviere, who filled in the post of a Matron.
Mr. Rodney Head carries the responsibility of adding some spice to our Mess Department as he joined as the Assistant Mess Supervisor in March 2013.
We are grateful to Mrs. Sarah Phillips and Miss Priya Chawla for quietly going on with their duties as “Ad hoc Teachers” while covering in for teachers who were on Maternity Leave during the year.
A few other notable changes during the year were Mrs. Veena Luke being appointed the Junior School Supervisor, Mr. Francis D’Souza being given the charge of the Middle School Coordinator in August 2012, Mr. Arthur Bergeon taking over the Games Secretary’s post in February 2013 and Mr. Collin Massey becoming the Housemaster of Spence House & later being handed charge of the Admission Cell as the Admission Coordinator.


The school re-opened on Tuesday, 12th June 2012 for the New Academic Year of 2012 – 2013. On completion of one year as the Headmaster of Barnes School in June 2012, I was delegated to the post of Principal and Mr. Keith Everett, the Assistant Headmaster was delegated to that of a Vice Principal.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Management of Barnes School for continuing to put their faith and their sense of belief in us, thereby granting us this opportunity to handle the reins of this magnificent institution.
During the initial months of the new session, the school strength stood at 1,357 students, with 261 Boarders and 1096 Day Scholars. At the end of the session, in March 2013, the total number of students was 1,367.


The joy of attaining a hundred percent result in the Class 10 ICSE Examinations of March 2013 taking into consideration the fact that more than a hundred students sat for the Examinations was slightly marred by the failure of two students in the Class XII ISC Examinations.
The top spot honour went to Yamini Khedkar of Class 10, who scored 94%, touching the magic figure of 100 marks in Computer Applications and missing out by a mere 2 marks in Mathematics by getting to 98.
Though Yamini was the only one to get into the elite crowd of the “90 plus percentage”, there were 16 students who followed closely behind in the 80 to 90 range.
On the whole, 76 students passed the ICSE Examinations in the First Class.
As for the Class 12 ISC Examinations, Evelyn Jobard, justifying her selection as the Head Girl of the school, top scored with 84.20% in the Commerce Stream, while Sukhraj Kaur topped the Science Stream with 63.80%.
I wish to congratulate our Teaching Staff who put in their dedicated efforts and made the students raise the bar to bring us the 100% results for the Class 10s. At the same time, I would also like to caution them against complacency and urge them to continue working the way they did, especially where Mathematics was concerned, where we had a drastic improvement from the previous year‟s results.
Painful as it may sound, I was disappointed with the way our Class 12 students have fared. I attribute these results to the dearth of a good teaching faculty. Since I have joined, we have been in the process of building a strong teaching faculty in Class XI and XII and are very close to getting them. Hopefully, there would be drastic positive changes in the results next year.


  • Football & Basketball

The All Maharashtra ICSE Schools Anglo-Indian Football and Basketball Tournaments are one of the most eagerly awaited events among schools all over Maharashtra. In August 2012, the venue was St. Peter‟s School, Mazgaon, Mumbai.
The torrential rains made the playing conditions very unfavourable for the participating teams. The slippery conditions were of a greater hindrance to our boys since they are not used to playing in extremely wet conditions. Still, under the guidance of Mr. Julian Redden, the Soccer Coach, they fought off this vulnerability and managed to get to the finals by beating the feared Cathedral & John Connon School Team in the Semi Final.
Losing to Christ Church School in the final did not hurt too much since we realized that the prized trophy would go to either one of the schools managed by our Management, the Bombay Education Society.
The Steven Anderson Memorial Tournament held at Christ Church, in Byculla (Mumbai): Barnes School & Junior College, Devlali, lifted the Steven Anderson Memorial Football Tournament Trophy for the second year in running.
The prestigious tournament held in September 2012 at Christ Church School, Byculla, Mumbai, had 21 teams from Mumbai, Pune & Devlali battling for supremacy.
On their way to the final, our Football Team lost initially to St. Mary‟s SSC School of Mumbai, but then began their winning streak by beating St. Xavier‟s School, D.Y. Patil School and St. Igancius School, all from Mumbai.
Getting the better of St. Mary‟s ICSE School in the Semi Final, the grand finale on 23rd September 2012 proved to be the perfect icing on the cake as our boys beat The Bishop‟s School, Camp, Pune comprehensively.
Under-17 Football – The Division Level & State Level Tournament
The Barnes School Football Team, under the guidance of Coach, Mr. Furgus Simmons and Assistant Teacher, Mr. Arthur Bergeon, emerged winners in the Under-17 Division Level Football Tournament, held at Jalgaon in August 2012.
The confidence and self belief that the boys carried from the victory in Jalgaon, took them all the way to the final of the Under-17 State Level Football Tournament, held at MSSA in Mumbai.
Unfortunately, this time around, the keenly-contested final ended in a 1-0 loss and a „runners-up‟ tag for the young footballers of Barnes.
Under-17 Football Nationals
As the Football Fever continued to grip our students, Alan Wong, a Class IX student and Christopher Mackness, a Class X student of Barnes School & Junior College, Devlali, made all of us dazzle with pride as they were selected to represent the Maharashtra State Football Team at the national level. After having attended a 5-day Practice Camp in Balewadi, Pune, the two students had the privilege of participating in the 58th National School Under-17 Football Championship / Tournament 2012 – 2013, held in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir from 3rd to 7th September 2012, where teams from 26 states participated. Three of our female students, Glendoveer Paul, Valerie Paul and Lynette Frederick sent everybody a clear message that they were not simply onlookers by going the distance in the sport of Basketball. They were selected to represent the district of Nashik in the Girls‟ Junior Basketball State Championship in Pune. On an invitation from our side, a Boys’ Football Team and a Girl’s Basketball Team from Boys’ High School, Allahabad and Girls‟ High School, Allahabad, respectively, visited Barnes for a friendly fixture in the second week of September 2012. Judging by the number of photographs being clicked by the students of the visiting teams, it was pretty evident that they were having a great time, in spite of the heavy rains. The fact that this was just a friendly fixture did not in any way bring down the enthusiasm and liveliness of the players and they put up an inspired show.

  • Badminton, Table Tennis & Lawn Tennis

With the school re-opening in June and coinciding with the monsoons, indoor sports like Badminton and Table Tennis are sure to find favour among students.
Inter Class & Inter House Practice Matches and an Inter Class Tournament in June 2012 laid the platform for an exciting Inter School Tournament which was held on Saturday, 21st July 2012.
Playing much better than they had during the previous year, our boys and girls were still no match for the Badminton Teams of Wisdom High International School and Fravashi International Academy.
Maybe, our boys and girls were short of match practice. Maybe, a bit nervous too. Whatever the reason, we were comprehensively beaten.
Roger Federer, the Swiss Professional Tennis Player & winner of 17 Grand Slam singles titles, summed it up beautifully when he said, “I enjoyed the position I was in as a Tennis Player. I was to blame when I lost. I was to blame when I won. And I really like that, because I played soccer a lot too, and I couldn’t stand it when I had to blame it on the goalkeeper.”
Perhaps, the beauty of such individual sports is that it is completely up to you and you alone to turn the tables in your favour. I hope our students realize that the only way they can pose a serious threat is through self-belief and a process of practice, practice and more practice.
Our Table Tennis Girls‟ Doubles Team, with Simran Mehta and Pratiksha Aswale as partners, proved much more effective in Table Tennis and were able to grab the first position in the Doubles Tournament by playing better than the teams from Fravashi International, Wisdom High and Silver Oak.
Four of our students, Aditya Gandhi, Kaushik Kulkarni, Yash Jain & Rohan Deshmukh, were sent to Mumbai to participate in the 1st AISM Lawn Tennis Tournament, which was held at Gundecha Education Academy on 1st and 2nd October 2012.
Although they failed to make a lasting impression on the outcome of the tournament, it was an enriching experience for our students to come up against some highly talented young tennis players from in and around Mumbai.

  • Boxing

The training for the young boxers began in August 2012, since boxing requires a high level of physical conditioning and mental preparation, in addition to spiritual strength and sound footwork.
On 28th September 2012, the day of the Final, the audience was witness to some true grit and a show of guts and glory as the boxers went about the business of getting the better of each other by landing punches, ducking, deviating, using their skills to deceive the opponent and doing their best to stay in the ring.
Royal House emerged the winners with a total of 58 points, followed closely by Greaves House with 55 points.

  • Swimming

Swimming Practice began almost immediately once the school reopened in June 2012. The young swimmers were divided into two groups, the Beginners Group and the Advanced Group.
While Jessica Lobo did us proud by being selected to compete in the State Level Rankings, she could not make her individual House, Edith Cavell, get the first position, as Erika and Gillian Barbosa and Arya Kodare put in their combined efforts to get their House, Joan of Arc, on top during the Finals held in October 2012.

  • Cross Country

Monsoon is the perfect time to sprint around the picturesque setting of Barnes, surrounded by the Sahyadri Hills. The practices began in June itself in preparation for the Final which took place on 20th July 2012.
Greaves House captured the 1st spot with 270 points, while Spence House came in 2nd with 211 points

  • Roller Skating

Miss Aayushi Dhananjay Sawant, one of our students, made sure that Roller Skating continues to have its fair share of fans as she brought glory to Barnes by taking up the 1st position in the DSO District Level Roller Skating Competition held on 10th & 11th October 2012, at Sambhaji Stadium, Nasik.
In January this year, she went on to represent Nashik District in the 23rd Maharashtra State Roller Skating Championship held at Nagpur.
The Junior School Sports Meet, held on 29th November 2012, with Mrs. Deep Kaul, Principal – Army School as the Chief Guest, was pure entertainment as the little ones of Play School, Nursery and Prep displayed the “Crazy Frog Drill”, while everybody held their breath during the Inter-School Relays.
The Senior School Sports Meet held the very next day on 30th November 2012 was as competitive as ever. We were privileged to have our Board of Directors present during the Meet and equally honoured to have Mr. Collin Richard Timms, one of our Board of Directors and Mrs. Olinda Timms as the Chief Guests.
Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 1 was invited to play a Volleyball Match with our students on 9th February 2013. Our boys, fitter and faster than their opponents, managed to win all 3 sets without breaking a sweat.


A host of other activities and events such as the Prefects‟ Investiture in June 2012, Independence Day Celebrations, Teachers‟ Day on 5th September 2012 and the Republic Day Function on 26th January 2013 were commemorated with great zeal and zest during the year.
In September 2012, the Hindi Rochak Divas was a grand and colourful affair with 51 children travelling to Christ Church School, Mumbai and participating in events like Rangoli, Group Singing, Poster Making, Elocution & Dance.
Our students performed superbly for the Hindi Rochak Divas bringing home the 2nd Prize for Mimicry, Group Singing and Poster Making and the 3rd Prize for Rangoli.
Some of our most talented students, Apurva Balyan, Athira Nair and Yamini Khedkar, formed a part of the group that went to Singapore International School, under the charge of Mrs. Shamainder Parmar to participate in Confluence, a competition among Debaters, Creative Writers, Cartoonists and Quiz-Lovers.
In October 2012, our Junior School students had another grand opportunity to showcase their singing talents during the Junior School Elocution. They did not let us down and had the audience watching and listening in awe as they recited “Busy Bees” and “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe”.
The Ex-Students had a memorable time as they gathered for an Ex-Students‟ Meet in November 2012. Once they had left, another Ex-Student came in and stole our hearts by donating a considerable amount for the development of the school. The only favour that he asked for in return was to remain anonymous. I wish we have a few more Ex-Students like him.
The Fifth International Young Mathematicians‟ Convention, organized by City Montessori School was held in Lucknow from 29th Nov to 5th Dec 2012. Six of our students, divided into two groups, the Senior Group comprising of Vinay Pawar, Yadnyesh Gokhale and Dnyaneshwar Kale and the Junior Group made up of Vijay Ramchandani, Kanishka Thakur and Yash Jain, along with Mr. Arthur Bergeon, one of our Assistant Teachers, travelled to Lucknow and participated in this colloquial event in which 15 countries took part. Competing against students from Russia, South Africa, Malaysia and a host of other countries, the students surpassed our expectations by getting us two Bronze Medals. Vijay Ramchandani picked up a Bronze in the Junior Category, while Vinay Pawar did it in the Senior Category.
In January 2013, Mr. Julian Redden, the former Games Secretary and Miss Harshita Mishra, the school PTI, accompanied the students for participation in The Maharashtra Anglo Indian CISCE Schools Inter-School Athletics Olympiad, held at The Bishop‟s School, Camp, Pune.
Out of 15 Participating Teams from Mumbai & Pune, Barnes stood 3rd with an impressive tally sheet boasting of 14 Gold Medals, 10 Silver Medals and 6 Bronze Medals. Our tally of 14 Gold Medals was the highest among all the schools, surpassing the 12 Gold Medals won by The Bishop‟s School, Camp, which ranked 1st in the overall results and the 11 Gold Medals picked up by The Bishop‟s School, Kalyaninagar, which ranked 2nd in the overall results tally.
Moreover, Shelden Redden, one of our students, picked up the Individual Championship Trophy in the “Open Division Boys” category.
The Junior School Variety Entertainment Programme held in February 2013 had a little more variety with a Hindi Play, , being part of the show, in addition to the catchy tune of “Hunny Bunny”.
Mr. Robert Lawrence, Honorary Secretary of the Bombay Education Society, was most thrilled to be able to witness this hilarious and remarkable show.
“Manchester United Soccer Schools Coming to Barnes”. The two banners, one next to the school security gate and the other right in front of the Academic Block, sounded too good to be true for the “Soccer Crazy” fans of our school.
The presentation by Mr. Chris O‟Brien, the Head Coach of Manchester United Soccer Schools in Barnes on 1st March 2013 sent waves of excitement not only among the students, but our PTIs too.
We may have the training camp by Manchester United Soccer Schools soon at Barnes, the only catch being that we have to get a minimum of 60 students to be able to ask them to conduct a coaching camp.


A team of our students of Classes IX, X and XII participated in the Limca Book of Records – Quiz 2012, held on 8th August 2012, at Fravashi Academy, Nasik, the Quiz being organized by Coca-Cola and conducted by Derek O‟Brien and Associates Pvt. Ltd.
Ms Zeena Fernandes, our School Counsellor, attended a workshop on “Handling Sexuality and Developing the Right Attitude” in August 2012, which focused on how to approach the discussion of sexuality with children at different growth stages.
Later on, in February 2013, she attended another workshop conducted by the Maharashtra Dyslexia Association, which dealt with understanding and improving writing issues faced by a child.
In September 2012, students of Class XI Commerce were taken for a factory visit to Nahar Frozen Foods & Ice Cream Pvt. Ltd, Sinnar, to help them get an idea into the practical working of a factory. Mr. Ralph Russell, the Junior College Coordinator, and Mrs. Kavita Kacker, Class Teacher of Class XI Commerce, accompanied the students for this educational visit.
The Senior Class students of Barnes were invited to attend a seminar on Career Guidance by “FUEL”, a Non-Profit Organization, which aims to help students zero in on the career that they would like to choose and suggests ways to pursue the same. It was a visually exciting interactive session which invited the students to come forth and clear any doubts that they had with regards to the career path that they need to take in future.
We realized that with so many additional activities for the students, the teachers too were bound to feel the pressure. Mr. Justin Shawn, a speaker from The Art of Living Foundation was invited to conduct a seminar for Stress-free Teaching for our Teaching Staff in September 2012.


Thanks to our two nurses, Sister Shireen Gama , who takes care of the Boys‟ Infirmary and Sister Beverley Paul, who is in charge of the Girls‟ Infirmary, the system of following Standard Operating Procedures with regards to food safety and sanitation ensures that an outbreak of disease or incidents of illness, accidents etc are kept within check.
There were a few cases of fractures or dislocation, which were provided immediate treatment by orthopaedist specialists, thus leading to an excellent process of quick recovery. Moreover, we had our fair share of colds & coughs and minor injuries among children. Timely treatment ensured that such incidents did not become contagious.


Perhaps, the biggest, the most talked about and the most memorable event was the Educational Tour to UK from 21st November to 28th November 2012. Twenty-one students and two Members of Staff, Mr. Shawn Tims and I, consider ourselves fortunate for the opportunity presented to us to travel to various destinations across Europe.
All through our lives we have been watching the beautiful locations of London and Scotland in Bond movies and during the live coverage of the Olympics and Wimbledon. Here was a chance to visit those very places in person. It was a fantastic experience, worth every bit of the huge amount of paperwork that had to be dealt with to procure Visas and other related documents for all the travellers.
Apart from the International Tour, there was a short trip to Wet N Joy Water Park, near Shirdi. On 4th December 2012, a total of 197 students went by bus under the care of Mr. Francis D‟Souza, the Middle School Coordinator and a couple of other Members of Staff.
The success of the UK Trip provided a huge boost for us and there was another Educational Tour planned, this time to Goa. Mr. Keith Everett, the Vice Principal, along with some of our young staff, took more than 80 students to Goa from 26th to 30th March 2013.
I guess, spending some quality time on the beautiful beaches of Goa was the perfect way to say “Goodbye” to the academic session.


The 88th Founder‟s Day celebration on 29th January 2013 had the students and Members of Staff gathering in Evans Hall to honour Archdeacon Barnes, the Founder of this magnificent institution.
The Annual School Fete, held on Sunday, 3rd February 2013, was a bigger success than anticipated. Our coupon-selling stalls started falling short of coupons pretty early and had to improvise by recycling the old coupons to cater to the students who kept coming back for more.
A big “Thank you” to every Member of Staff at Barnes.


As I come to the end of my report, I would like to congratulate all the Prize Winners – students, Members of Staff and parents of students, since they are major contributors towards the growth and development of a child.
I wish to thank each one of you for being present this evening and devoting some of your valuable time to the achievements of your loved ones. Believe me, there is nothing more rewarding to us than to see your children perform to the best of their abilities and at their maximum potential. All we ask of you is to keep your faith in us and let us continue with our efforts to take the standards of education in Barnes to the highest peak. This is something we cannot do without your cooperation.
I apologize for the unusually long report of mine. I hope you would realize that a noticeable rise in the number of activities and events that took place this year is one of the reasons for it. This also signifies that we are on the path of progress and that the school funds are being utilized in the right way and for the right reasons.
I believe that my experience here at Barnes has made me realize that we are here to give more to this world than what we expect to get from it. That is the balance that we must seek to achieve and the sooner we realize this, the better our chances of living an extraordinary life.
God Bless You All and God Bless Barnes!

Julian Luke


2013 – 2014

 Honoured Chief Guest, Colonel Surjit Singh, Distinguished Guests, Parents / Guardians and My Dear Students,

Good Evening!

I believe our Chief Guest for this day requires not much of an introduction. I am sure each one of us must have come across the 66 year old Colonel riding his bicycle like a teenager around the streets of Devlali at some time or the other. Still, his credentials and enormous achievements need special mention.

A Paratrooper since June 1967, Col. Surjit Singh continued with his passion for Para Jumps at Agra even after his retirement in April 2000.

 In addition to being the Commander of the 200 Field Regiment from 1985 to 1989 and the 821 Light Regiment from 1990 to 1993 and carrying War Experience of the 1971 War from Ganganagar Sector and the Sri Lanka War from 1987 to 1989, Col. Surjit Singh has been to Moscow to undergo a Rocket Artillery Course.

 He was an Instructor at the School of Artillery from 1977 to 1980 and from 1993 to 1997. The Artillery Museum at Arty Centre owes its initiation in 2002 to the Colonel.

 The Rotary Club of Deolali, which Col. Surjit Singh became a member of in 2001, recognized the numerous talents that this gentleman carried with him and as such he was elected the President of the Club for the period of 2009-2010 as well as 2013-2014.

 In 2008, Col. Surjit Singh joined Suzlon as the Security Manager, working on their wind turbine generator project.

 In spite of such a varied and multi-talented career, the Colonel has managed to devote time to his family, namely his wife Maya who is a Teacher in the Army School and their two daughters who are Masters of Business Administration from Symbiosis. I guess the discipline that comes from being a dedicated Army Personnel has helped him keep the correct balance between his career and family life.

 It is my pleasure to present the Annual Report for the Academic Year 2013 – 2014:

 April 2013 saw the beginning of a New Academic Year. We had a few days where the students, those who were promoted, moved into the next higher class. The students and our Teaching Staff then left for their summer break through May and returned in June 2013.

 This practice of beginning a new session in April and then continuing in June after the break presents the students with a sneak peek into what they could expect with regards to subjects and syllabus in the Class that they are promoted to.

 “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Certainly – the Summer Break does have a rejuvenating effect on the teachers as well as the students. Still, I feel that students are better positioned to utilize a few days of the summer vacations in getting themselves acquainted with what is in store for them in the year ahead. I do hope that parents are encouraging their children to devote a part of their holidays to revise what has been taught during the few days that they spent in their new classes before school closed down for the Summer Break.

 Now for our Report on the Academic Year gone by, April 2013 to March 2014.

 I would like to begin by remembering those who had become a part of the Barnes Family, but had to leave, some due to personal reasons while others in search of greener pastures. Unfortunately, some of them stayed for a very short period. Still, they left a part of themselves etched in our memories.


  • Ms Zeena Fernandes who had joined as a Counsellor in July 2012 resigned in August 2013 due to personal reasons.
  • Rodney Head who had arrived as the Assistant Mess Supervisor in June 2013 stayed for just three months before moving back to Bhusawal in August 2013.
  • One of our Security Supervisors, Mr. Dilip Jadhav, who had joined in August 2011 left on completion of his contract in November 2013.
  • Perhaps, the most notable loss was the superannuation of Mrs. Ottilia Obidiki in November 2013. Employed as a Dormitory Matron in June 1987, she took care of boarder students, their discipline and daily well-being, for a memorable period of 26 years.
  • The Academic Block of Barnes School as well as the Staff and Students would surely miss the liveliness and high-pitched, spirited voice of Mrs. Shamainder Parmar who had joined as an Assistant Teacher in June 2005.

Left with no option other than to put in her papers due to the failing health of her parents. Mrs. Parmar taught English, Home Science, Environmental Education and Environmental Science to students of the Middle School, the Senior School and the Junior College for almost nine years before leaving in February 2014. Apart from being an excellent teacher, she prepared students for Debates, Elocution, Music Competitions and the Sports Day.

 The loss of these few Members of Staff required reinforcements, which came in the form of the following Staff:

  •  Smita Bhavanavar joined as a Hindi Teacher in the Junior School. Daughter of Mr. D. K. Gosavi, Ex-Principal of S. M. R. K. College, Nasik, Mrs. Bhavanavar began from April 2013 and has been carrying on with her Hindi classes since then.
  • Faye Gunnion provided a helping hand by applying and being appointed as a Helper Teacher in the Junior School.
  • Surender Singh Thakur left his services with the Indian Air Force to join as the Mess Superintendent in the School Mess in May 2013. Backed by twenty years of experience in the field of Food and Catering Management, Mr. Thakur has already proved his worth by bringing much variety to the food in the School Mess.
  • Miss Rekha Kasar, a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and a Bachelor of Education and Mrs. Poonam Singh, having left Ashoka Universal School, Nasik, looked to strengthen the Middle School and the Junior College.
  • Last year, Barnes introduced French as a language for Classes 5, 6 and 7. Mr. Sunil Sethi, after having gained more than ten years of experience in West Africa, began taking French classes from June 2013. Soon some of our boys and girls would be familiar with words such as “monsieur” and “bon voyage”.
  • June 2013 witnessed the coming of four new Members of Staff. Mr. Aloysius Gonsalves, brought back Music to Barnes as the Activities Coordinator, while Mrs. Priti Chopra and Mrs. Jill Bergeon as Junior School Teachers and Mrs. Shirley D’Silva as a Helper Teacher made their way into Barnes.
  • The Junior School had another new teacher, Mrs. Somia Mehta, wife of an Army personnel, join in July 2013.
  • The School Office had a new Secretary in August 2013 through the appointment of Miss Dimple Changlani, an Ex-Student of Barnes.
  • Toufiq Khan who had been working with us as a part-time Basketball Coach, decided to take up the reins of a full-time Basketball Coach in August 2013.
  • A Gym Instructor, Mr. Shaikh Shahnawaz Mohamad Shoaib, was appointed for the School Gymnasium in September 2013 to offer personal training services on body building performance.
  • In April 2014, the vacancy left by Mr. Dilip Jadhav was taken up by Mr. Alfred Moreira who came in as a Security Officer and a Hostel Warden to add strength to the safety and security of the school.

 Back from their summer break, our Teaching Staff were provided with an opportunity to refresh their teaching skills via three workshops over a period of four days.

 Educomp Refresher Training Course – 5th June 2013

 Educomp, the firm that set up Smart Boards in classrooms in 2012, put up its Refresher Training Workshop for the Teaching Staff on 5th June 2013. It refreshed the teachers on using teaching aids effectively through optimum use of animations, real life applications and simulations. The excellent use of projectors & screens to impart education through visuals and audio has presented educators with an exceptional medium to motivate, inspire and involve children and make education so much more interesting. Imagine the positive impact on children who, through these Smart Boards, are able to experience, even if it is by way of just a few short clips, the visually enchanting musical extravaganza “The Sound of Music”, with its delightful songs, especially “doe-ray-me” or the memorable “these are a few of my favourite things”. It is certainly enticing enough to make us wish if we could re-live our school life and take in the beauty of such masterpieces.

 Workshop by Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra – 6th June 2013

 A workshop by eminent author and renowned educationist, Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra of  Next Education, who was my classmate at Boys’ High School, Allahabad, was scheduled for the 6th of June 2013. Dr. Mehrotra spoke about the onerous task that the “New Age Teachers” face of becoming learners before becoming teachers. It was a refreshing and enlightening study about the power of using compassionate words in the classroom and using teaching skills to keep the classroom engaged.

 Workshop by Momentum – 7th & 8th June 2013

 Another orientation programme followed on 7th June 2013, conducted by Dr. Gajendra Medhi of Momentum Training and HR Consultancy. Dr. Medhi, ably assisted by Miss Shweta, opened a window of self-discovery for the Teaching Staff by asking them to be non-judgmental and devising methods of “Class Management” and “Personal Effectiveness”.

 The workshops were an eye-opener for the teachers and had them refreshed and rejuvenated for some classroom action!

 Model United Nations (MUN 2013) – 14th to 16th June 2013

 As part of its Personality Development program, Barnes School sent its students to participate in the First Model United Nations Program held at Fravashi International School, Nasik from 14th to 16th June 2013 and the Second MUN was held at the World Trade Centre in Mumbai from 3rd to 5th July 2013.

 The Model United Nations Conference is a simulation of the United Nation. Students are chosen for various committees of the United Nations. They are then allotted a particular country to deliberate and debate on the Agendas of the committee, come up with resolutions and draft a working paper. Students of Barnes were asked to head committees titled Legal, Crime and Drugs etc.

 It was a tremendous learning experience for our students. They met with an opportunity to polish their skills, were exposed to the art of public speaking which provided a phenomenal boost to their confidence and their English-speaking skills. It was heartwarming to see them going neck-to-neck with students from some of the most reputed schools across India by putting forth their unique views on topics such as terrorism through drugs, cross border issues, patent laws, rights of the sexual minorities etc.

In addition to being awarded with Certificates of Participation, our students brought home some much deserved acclaim for their bold and honest views.

 Prefects’ Investiture – 21st June 2013

 The Commissioning of Prefects for the Academic Year 2013-2014 was held on 21st June 2013 in Evans Hall at 9:00 am.

 The House Presidents selected 16 Boarder Prefects and 16 Day Scholar Prefects, who were reminded of their duties and responsibilities as leaders and role-models.

 Introduction of UC MAS

UC MAS, commonly known as ABACUS, a Whole Brain Development Program for students in the age group of 5 to 13 years, which helps them calculate arithmetic sums much faster than a calculator at a very tender age, was introduced in June 2013.

 Mrs. Rhea Simmons, Mrs. Marie Fernandes and Mr. Leslie LaRiviere, three of our Members of Staff, underwent the UC MAS Level 1 Training in Mumbai and we were able to begin the Level 1 Course with 58 students.

 Mr. LaRiviere completed his Level 2 Training earlier this year and with Mrs. Rhea Simmons scheduled to complete her training later this month, we should be able to begin with Level 2 during the first week of August 2014.

 The Frank Anthony Memorial Inter-School Debate Competition – 12th July 2013

 Christ Church School, Byculla, Mumbai, hosted The Frank Anthony Memorial Inter-School Debate Competition on 12th July 2013. Twenty-six students from thirteen schools participated in the competition. Miss Kasturi Kamat, the Head Girl and Master Yash Nemlawala, both of Class XII, were the Debaters from our side.

 The participants were given an hour to prepare themselves for the topic of the Debate, namely, “A Disciplined Man is a Lonesome Person in this Age of Lawlessness”. One of the students from each school had to speak in favour of the topic while the other had to put forth his / her views against it.

 Although the competition was won by Jamnabai Nursery School, Mumbai, our students nonetheless had an enriching experience and were awarded certificates for their participation.

 The Inter-House Elocution Competition – 12th July 2013

 Our students were tested in the art of delivering speeches or public speaking during the Inter-House Elocution Competition which was conducted on 12th July 2013.

 The School had invited three judges to evaluate the students through use of gestures, stance, voice production and delivery. They were witness to some memorable speeches from the Senior School participants, “A Tryst with Destiny” by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and “I have a Dream” by Martin Luther King Jr. Miss Disha Joshi took up the top spot of the Best Speaker, while Yash Jain and Faiz Sait stood second and third respectively.

 The Inter-House Cross Country – 13th July 2013

A bright morning interspersed with a few light drizzles was the perfect setting for the Inter-House Cross Country final on 13th July 2013. It was time for the practices that had commenced in the first week of July 2013 to pay off.

 Brandon Russell among the Midgets, age group 8 to 10 years, Majid Shaikh among the Novices, age group 10 to 12 years and Balraj Singh among the Juniors, age group 12 to 14 years, all belonging to Royal House won their races. Chris Alexander of Candy House finished the winner for the Inters, age group 14 to 16 years and the Seniors division consisting of the age group of “over 16” had Manish Patil, also of Royal House, come in first.

 In the overall House results, Royal finished top of the table, followed by Candy, Greaves and Spence.

 From the Girls’ side, Diya Sam of Joan of Arc set up a new record in the Junior Division.

 Expedition 2013 organized by Ashoka Universal School, Nasik – 17th & 18th July 2013

 Ashoka Universal School, Nasik, celebrates the birthday of its Chairman, Mr. Ashok Kataria on 17th & 18th July every year by inviting schools to take part in Inter-School Debates, Science Quizzes and Research Paper Presentations aimed to encourage love for knowledge, scientific aptitude, analytical thinking and public speaking among the students.

 Taarika Papneja, Alisha Poonawala, Dasari Bony, Ansh Nagpal & a few other students participated in the different categories. Qualifying for the Quiz Team was like a “walk in the park” for our students and they ended up being placed third in the Junior Quiz and second in the Senior Quiz.

 The Albert Barrow Creative Writing Competition – 19th July 2013

 Miss Disha Joshi and Ishani Mody took part in The Albert Barrow Creative Writing Competition which was held at Bombay Scottish School, Mahim on 19th July 2013.

 It was a great learning experience for our young girls as they debated against some of the best schools, the subject of discussion being, “Freedom without Discipline takes man back to the Dawn of Civilization”.

 The Inter-House Middle & Senior School Debates – July 2013

The Inter-House Middle & Senior School Debates were held in July 2013. Using factual accuracy and logical consistency to put forward their opinions, it was an exciting battle for the audience to enjoy with topics such as, “For adolescents, Television is a better Teacher than Books” and “We have become Slaves of our Gadgets” being debated upon.

Faiz Sait was the Best Speaker for the boys, while Kanishka Thakur for the girls.

 The Inter-House Dance Competition – 26th July 2013

 The Middle School & Senior School students set the stage ablaze with their solo and group performances on the theme of “Barkhaa Bahaar” and “Unity in Diversity” respectively. Judged by prominent artists in the field of dance and cinema and through dedicated efforts of Mrs. Rashmi Gosavi and Mrs. Seema Deokar, our Members of the Teaching Staff, the Inter-House Dance Competition was a resounding success.

 Best out of Waste – 26th July 2013

 Students of Classes 1 to 4 were educated and enlightened about the benefits of recycling. The beautiful photo frames, diya stands, pen stands, toy ships and baskets seemed all the more endearing when one realized that they had been created out of waste items such as Pepsi cans, Toothpaste boxes, used foils, paper plates and buttons.

 Football Friendly Fixtures – July 2013

 In July 2013, we sent our Football Team to Pune for a Friendly Football Match against The Bishop’s School, Kalyaninagar. Although it was a friendly fixture meant to be a pre-event preparation match before The All Maharashtra Anglo-Indian Inter-School Football Tournament to follow in August 2013, it felt good to win against The Bishop’s School Team through the solitary goal scored by Brandon Rayneau.

 Around the same period, The Bishop’s School, Camp, Pune visited Barnes for a Friendly Football Match. This match too ended with a 1 – 0 win for our boys, the goal being scored by Wehzan Ansar.

 The Junior School Prefects’ Investiture – 5th August 2013

 The Junior School Prefects’ Investiture was held on 5th August 2013. The Lord’s Prayer and Scripture Reading were followed by the commissioning of the Head Boy, Head Girl, House Captains and the House Vice-Captains by Mrs. Veena Luke, the Junior School Supervisor.

 Anurag Sen was chosen to be the Junior School Head Boy and Asavari Singh Saigal the Junior School Head Girl for the Academic Year 2013 – 2014.

 Independence Day – 15th August 2013

Mahatma Gandhi, Lokmanya Tilak and a few other freedom fighters formed the backdrop of the Evans Hall stage on 15th August 2013. A cultural program was organized with total dedication and enthusiasm to revive the history of India’s freedom struggle and kindled the fire of patriotism among our students.

 The flag hoisting ceremony and a prayer offered to the Almighty asking for protection of our motherland from all evils was followed by a medley of patriotic songs, messaged to and by the students, poetry recitation, a skit on communal harmony and a mesmerizing group dance.

The Staff and Students of Barnes stepped on to the field for a Friendly “5 a Side” Football Match once the Independence Day celebrations were over.

The Middle School Inter-House Debate Competition – 16th August 2013

 “Homework should be Banned”. The topic under discussion during The Middle School Inter-House Debate Competition held on 16th August 2013 made the students jump with excitement. I guess they were hoping that if they could argue in favour of the point convincingly, perhaps the school would actually ban homework.

The panel of judges, Mrs. Rajeshwari Parmar, an MA and B.Ed, Mr. Ronald Lobo, the General Manager of Crompton Greaves and Mr. Sachin Baagul, a Professor at BYK College, Nasik, judged Taarika Papneja to be the Best Speaker. Yashraj Chhabria took the second place and Arushee Chopra stood third.

 The Junior School English Elocution Competition – 22nd August 2013

 The Junior School English Elocution Competition held on 22nd August 2013 had more than its fair share of parents who came in to watch and cheer the little ones as they held on to their nerves and gathered the courage to perform on stage.

Our Middle and Senior School Teachers, acting as Judges, had to dedicate their undivided attention as the students took center-stage with solo events and group performances.

The All Maharashtra Anglo-Indian Inter-School Football Tournament – 23rd August 2013

 One of the most prestigious and eagerly awaited tournaments, The All Maharashtra Anglo-Indian Inter-School Football Tournament, kicked off at The Bishop’s School, Pune, on 23rd August 2013.

Our boys began in emphatic fashion as they thrashed The Bishop’s School, Undri Team 4 – 0. The Bishop’s School, Camp, however, took up the challenge to get even and beat our boys by 3 – 1. In the third match against Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai, our strikers missed quite a few opportunities to score and had to settle for a 1 – 0 victory.

 St. Mary’s School were comprehensively beaten by a margin of 5 – 0, while The Bishop’s School, Kalyaninagar lost 3 – 1.

It was a bit of a disappointment as our boys fell short of expectations and could not make it to the Finals when they lost to Christ Church School, Mumbai, 1 – 0 in the extra time allotted during the Semi-Final.

ICSE & ISC Training Programs – August 2013 to September 2013

The period from August 2013 to September 2013 saw our Senior Members of Staff, Miss Uttara Kulkarni, Mrs. Kavita Kacker, Mrs. Poonam Singh, Mrs. Dola Sengupta, Mrs. Charlotte Thopil and Mr. Abhishek Gaur travel to Kolkata to attend ICSE & ISC Training Programs held by the Council for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Examinations.

These Training Programs help them enhance their teaching skills and also get an insight into the level of the syllabus to be taught for a particular topic. It assists in updating them with the recent marking scheme adopted by the Council for the Board Examination corrections.

 Teacher’s Day – 5th September 2013

 On 4th September 2013, students of Class 12, elegantly dressed and playing the part of a teacher, moved around in different classrooms, maintained discipline and imparted knowledge to the students. It was a reversal of role for them.

 It was quite evident at the end of the day that the Student-Teachers had come to terms with the reasons why a Teacher’s job is considered to be such a challenging and respectable one.

The 5th of September 2013 was full of adventure for the Members of Staff of Barnes School & Junior College. The School Bus was provided for a trip to Golden Resort, Igatpuri. With excellent overcast weather conditions, a few Staff Members chose to take their cars along. Bike rides were put off because of the monsoons.

Once breakfast was over, none could resist the magnetic pull of the hills and soon everybody was climbing uphill for the adventure of a lifetime. It was a delight to watch the grown-ups just let go and allow their inner child-like spirit to surface and really enjoy the trek.

Debate organized by Atul Vidyalaya, held at Singhania School, Thane – 9th October 2013

“Do the students of today’s generation misunderstand the concept of Freedom?” An interesting topic chosen for a Debate Competition that was organized by Atul Vidyalaya at Singhania School, Thane.

Faiz Sait of Class 10 and Saharsh Chittransh of Class 11 felt a bit disappointed on being placed second, with Christ Church School, our sister school in Mumbai taking the first position, but it was heartening to note that the judges felt that our students were confident speakers and should definitely participate in The Frank Anthony Memorial Debate in the year to come.

Cyber-Crime Awareness Program – 31st October 2013

A two-hour Cyber Crime Awareness Seminar was conducted on Thursday, 31st October 2013 for the Senior School students of Barnes School & Junior College by Mr Vikas Naik.

This Seminar was graced by the Commissioner of Police, Nasik, Mr Kulwant Kumar Sarangal, who spoke about how, in spite of the changing times and the facilities which the present generation of students is getting, they are misusing technology, sometimes innocently, not realizing the serious repercussions of damaging someone’s reputation.

Mr Vikas Naik concluded the Seminar by warning the children not to share their cell phones / laptops with their friends, to use a strong password of 36 characters and to know their International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI Pin code to keep track of the phone.

It was a wonderful and enlightening experience for the young students of Barnes School & Junior College about their changing world and its challenges.

 The Middle School Quizzing – 6th September 2013

The Inter-House Middle School Quiz Competition for Classes 5, 6, 7 & 8 was held on 6th September 2013.

In addition to the usual History, Geography, Science & Sports question rounds, there was an exciting round called “Barnes School” which tested the students’ knowledge and information about their school.

The Yellows took the first place, followed by the Reds, while the Blues and Greens finished third and fourth respectively.

The Inter-House Junior School & Senior School Quiz Competition – 7th September 2013

General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Sports, Science and Technology were a few of the topics for The Inter-House Senior School Quiz Competition that was held on 7th September 2013.

While Mr. Mario Gunnion hosted a majority of the rounds, Mr. Abhishek Gaur’s audio-visual round captured the imagination of all and made the students feel like they were part of “Kaun Banega Crorepati”.

The Greens topped the points tally with 140 points and the Blues had to settle for the second position with 105 points.

Rochak 2013, Hindi Divas – 14th September 2013

Seventeen schools from all over Mumbai participated in Rochak 2013, an Inter-School competition organized by Christ Church School, Mumbai on the occasion of “Hindi Divas” to encourage and motivate the students to use our National Language.

The 14th of September 2013 provided an excellent opportunity for the students of Barnes to exhibit their singing, dancing, story writing and enacting talents.

Manish Bhatt and Vijay Ramchandani took away the first prize with their in-depth and adventurous Tourism Promotion Report. Perhaps we should approach these two students of ours to prepare a Tourism Promotion Report of Devlali since we certainly need an influx of visitors and tourists.

While Parimal Gangurde and Vanshika Kanyal displayed signs of becoming great writers by picking up the second prize for their “Autobiography”, Nayanika Kamat and Pratiksha Bhatia sang with passion and emotion to bring home the second prize with their “Duet Singing”.

Moreover, there were numerous third prizes for Fancy Dress, National cum Regional Dance, Folk Dance, Bollywood Jazz, Ad-Making, Solo Singing, Kho-Kho and Turncoat.

The Steven Anderson Memorial Football Tournament – 20th September 2013

The Steven Anderson Memorial Football Tournament held at Christ Church School, Mumbai began on 20th September 2013.

The first two matches against Boys’ High School, Allahabad and the hosts, Christ Church School ended in a draw as both the teams scored a goal each. The third match for Barnes proved much more decisive as they beat Hiranandani Foundation School by 2 – 0.

The last match of the pool, against G. D. Somani School was reduced to ‘7 a side’ match. It was all one way traffic as our footballers thrashed them with a score of 10 – 0.

Call it destiny or a stroke of bad luck, but in spite of the fact that Barnes did not lose any of its pool matches, the first two drawn games proved fatal for Barnes and they failed to qualify for the Semi Finals.

Alfresco – Boys’ High School, Allahabad – September 2013

Boys’ High School, Allahabad had invited Barnes School for their Alfresco Fest which was held in the month of September 2013. Around 50 students and 4 Members of Staff had travelled to Allahabad.

The Boys’ Football Team won the tournament by beating Boys’ High School, Allahabad, 2 – 0 in the Final. Christopher Mackness and Brandon Rayneau were the scorers for Barnes.

The Girls’ Basketball Team too performed well but had to settle for the “runners-up” tag as they lost in the Final.

Our students also participated in a number of events and stood 1st in Dancing, 2nd in Quiz, while 3rd in Fancy Dress, Fashion Show, Musical Instruments, Face Painting & others.

5 Students of Barnes School represented Maharashtra State in The AISM National Football Tournament – 26th September to 3rd October 2013

Christopher Mackness, Basil Bobby Peters, Brandon Rayneau, Fernando Preston and Milan Patel, students of Barnes School & Junior College, Devlali were selected to represent Maharashtra State for the AISM National Football Tournament, which was  held at Siliguri, West Bengal. Mr Furgus Simmons, the Coach of the Barnes School Football Team was selected as the Head Coach of the Maharashtra Under – 18 Team.

The Maharashtra Under – 18 Team stood runners up during the tournament, losing to Uttarakhand and Punjab region in the final.

District Sports Office Skating Event – 9th & 10th October 2013

An Inter-School Skating Selection Trial was organized by the District Sports Office on 9th and 10th October 2013. Based on age groups of Under 11, Under 14, Under 17 and Under 19, and ‘Inline’ and ‘Quads’ categories, around 300 skaters from the district had participated in the Selection Trials.

Bhavesh Gulani of Barnes School bagged the first position in the Under 17 Inline Boys, while Atharva Bhutada came in second in the Under 11 Inline Boys. Aayushi Sawant stood second in the Under 11 Quads Girls.

All the skaters from Barnes School were selected for the Division Level.

Selected to represent Maharashtra at the ICSE / ISC Basketball Nationals – 14th to 16th October 2013

 Two of our students, Lynette Frederick and Sharlett Smollen, were selected to represent Maharashtra State at the ICSE / ISC Basketball Nationals that were held at Ahmedabad from 14th to 16th October 2013.

Blackburn Rovers Talent Hunt Inter-School Football Tournament – October 2013

 With 42 Schools participating in the ‘Sizzling 7’ Blackburn Rovers Talent Hunt Inter-School Football Tournament, Barnes beat The Bishop’s School, Camp, Pune, with a score of                           “2 – 1”in the penalty shootout stage of the final. This tournament was organized by SPORTiLUV, in association with Sanjay Kakade Group, at Symbiosis International University Ground, Lavale Campus in October 2013.

 Alan Wong, Manish Patil, Deep Patel, and Wehzan Ansar, four of our students were shortlisted for trials which were held at Symbiosis International University Ground, Lavale.

 Sunil Chettri, the Captain of the Indian Football Team was called upon to select two boys who would travel to Blackburn, UK for a 15-day Training Camp.

It was a proud moment for Barnes as Alan Wong was selected for the Training Camp in UK. He is all set to do so in August this year.

An English Language Seminar organized by Madhuban Educational Books – 19th October 2013

 Four of our Members of the Teaching Staff, Mrs. Shamainder Parmar, Miss Nisha Nair, Mr. Julian Redden and Mr. Malcolm Ovichegan attended an English Language Seminar that was organized by Madhuban Educational Books, publishers of English Language books that are used by most of the educational boards in India.

 Mrs. Anuradha Murthy, the resource person, discussed the negative effects of the language used in Short Messaging Services, commonly known as SMS and how it was changing the patterns of communication. She spoke about methods of teaching Grammar, especially Prescriptive, Descriptive and Transformational Grammar. The participants rolled with laughter at the mention of Funny Sentences and realized the fact that Grammar should be caught – not taught.

 A Workshop on English Language for Junior School Teachers – 11th November 2013

 On 11th November 2013, Mrs. Nalini Chatterjee, one of the editors of “Chalk and Chai”, a newsletter printed in Hyderabad, held a workshop for our Junior School Teachers.

In a graceful manner Mrs. Chatterjee shared some tips on making lessons taught in the classroom more interesting by introducing vocabulary before reading the lesson. She discussed ways of tackling difficult students and reminded the teachers that their goal is to “Teach the student and not the subject”.

The workshop laid emphasis on building better relations and on developing a connection of the mind and the heart with each student to help create a deeper connection beyond the classroom.

 Swimming Finals – 13th November 2013

 Swimming Heats began on the 12th of August 2013 for both the Junior and Senior Categories. 22 girls participated collectively from all four houses.

In the Junior Girls’ Category, Jessica Lobo from Edith Cavell while in the Senior Girls’ Category, Erika Barbosa from Joan of Arc emerged as Individual Champions, scoring 30 points each, although in different races.

Jessica Lobo, Erika Barbosa and Arya Kodare created numerous new records on their way to accumulating the maximum number of points for their respective Houses. Moreover, Jessica Lobo was selected to compete in the State Level Rankings for the second year in a row.

At the end of the day on 13th November 2013, the day of the Swimming Finals, the points tally showed Joan of Arc in the first place with 127 points, Helen Keller second with 73 points and Edith Cavell third with 42 points.

The Boys’ Swimming had Candy House take the top position with 416 points, Greaves House second with 311 points, followed by Spence with 256 points.

Rishab and Siddharth Karnad of Royal House emerged as Individual Champions in the Sub-Junior Category and the Junior Boys’ Category respectively.

The Inter Boys’ Category had Ridge Luke, while the Senior Boys’ Category had Wehzan Ansar declared the Individual Champions.

The Junior School Sports Day – 28th November 2013

The Junior School Sports Day was a very colourful affair once the unfurling of the flag and the swearing-in ceremony had been done with.

The little ones of Play School made jumping so much fun with their lively dance “Let’s All Jump”. The students of Nursery came out with their colourful umbrellas and those of Classes 1 and 2 danced to the tune of the Chipmunks. A bright and beautiful “Rainbow Drill” by students of Classes 3 & 4 was eye-catching and immensely likeable.

The races too were run with enthusiasm and speed as the competition heated up with students from other school participating in the Inter-School Relay.

The Senior School Annual Athletic Meet – 29th November 2013

With various track and field events and the drill and March practice kicking into action, the Athletic Heats began on 12th November 2013.

The Chief Guest for the day, Captain Kamal Sen Singh, Wrestling Coach of the Indian Team and the Guests of Honour, Mr. Rajesh Kshatriya, the Maharashtra Basketball Coach and Mr. Sharad Bansode, International Basketball Referee, added to the excitement of the Meet and motivated the students to put in that little bit extra effort that goes into making them winners.

The Torch Relay, the unfurling of the flag marked the Meet open as the 100 metre races began.

Nutan Vidya Mandir grabbed the first position in the Inter-School Girls’ Relay, followed by the Barnes “A” Team, while for the Boys’ Relay, the Barnes “A” Team came in before the Nutan Vidya Mandir Team.

The jawans of Arty Centre team from Nasik set a new record of 45.37 seconds in the Open Relay and managed to stay ahead of the Barnes “A” Team.

Spence and Florence Nightingale were the Overall Champion House, Candy and Joan of Arc were the Best House in March past and Leander Preminger was declared the Best Sprinter of the Athletic Meet.

Christmas Decoration Competition – 12th December 2013

 During the festive season of Christmas, the teachers of our Junior School were asked to get their students to bring the festive spirit of Christmas alive by decorating their Classrooms.

The Junior School classrooms were a visual delight on the 12th of December 2013 with pretty streamers, stockings, Christmas Trees, pictures and replicas of Santa Claus decorated all over.

Nursery A ended up being judged the Best Decorated Class. The second Best Decorated Class was Nursery B and Class 3 A came in third place.

The Maharashtra Anglo-Indian CISCE Schools Second Inter-School Athletic Olympiad & Debate hosted by The Bishop’s Education Society, Pune – 8th January 2014.

 40 athletes and 4 debaters, accompanied by 3 Members of Staff of Barnes School left for Pune to participate in The Maharashtra Anglo-Indian CISCE Schools Second Inter-School Athletic Olympiad & Debate hosted by The Bishop’s Education Society from 8th January to 11th January 2014.

Although our boys and girls spoke well and in a confident and convincing manner, it was the Athletic front where we actually made our mark.

Lynette Frederick picked up the Gold Medal for the Long Jump Open Division, as did Basil Bobby Peters for the High Jump Open Division and Jonathan Ryder for the 400 Mtrs Open Division Race.

The Under-16 Boys entered The Bishop’s School Record Books as they recorded a new fastest in the 4 X 100 Mtrs Relay. Moreover, there was an impressive tally of Silver and Bronze Medals for Shot Put, Long Jump, High Jump and Relays.

 The 89th Founder’s Day Service – 29th Jan 2014 & The School Fete – 2nd Feb 2014

The 89th Founder’s Day Service of Barnes School was held in Evans Hall on Wednesday, 29th January 2014. In addition to Members of Staff and a few invitees, students of Classes VI and above were present during the ceremony.

“There never was and never would be a substitute for hard work and devotion to duty”, was my message to the teachers of Barnes once we had paid tribute to our Founding Fathers.

Mr. C. P. Dinger was joined by all in his prayers for the nations of the world, the Church, places of learning, the President and Prime Minister of India, the Management and the former Principals of Barnes.

The cutting of the cake became quite exciting this year as Aloysius Gonsalves and his Choir added some melody by singing “Congratulations to you, Dear Barnes School”, as the 89th Founder’s Day Service came to an end amidst joyful clapping and cheering.

 The School Fete on Sunday, 2nd February was special this year as members of the Parent-Teacher Association, under the able guidance of the Secretary, Mrs. Stephanie Menezes and the Treasurer, Mrs. Jayanti Singh Saigal, joined hands with the School Staff and set up a stall to assist the School in its growth.

The Junior School Variety Entertainment Programme – 14th February 2014

“Action Song”, a visual treat by the students of Play School during The Junior School Variety Entertainment Programme on 14th February 2014 had the audience watching with elation as the students bent, wiggled and moved to the music.

 The Nursery Class students made our mouths water by coming on stage dressed up as pineapples, oranges, lemons, mangoes, strawberries and bananas for their part of the show, “Fruit Punch”. With all the fruits staying back on stage, the fruit family grew bigger and bigger and the bananas really went bananas when all the fruits came together.

Class 1 presented the hilarious Circus, with magicians, jugglers, clowns, the band, monkeys scratching and itching each other, and a horse trainer with horses as “yankee doodle” played in the background.

The Inter-House Boxing Finals – 20th February 2014

Lt. Col. Ankur Bhatnagar, who commissioned from the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, on 12th December 1998 and carried the distinct honour of having served in various fields and Peace Stations was the Chief Guest for the Inter-House Boxing Finals held on 20th February 2014.

The Best Boxer in the Junior Category was Majid Shaikh, while Royden Mason ended up as the Best Loser. Abhay Choudhari was the Best Boxer in the Senior Category, the Best Loser being Leander Preminger.

In the overall House standings, Greaves topped with 61 points, followed by Royal with 47 points. Candy House came in third with 42 points, while Spence stood fourth with 30 points.

The ICSE Class X and ISC Class XII Examinations – March / April 2014

Class X ICSE had 115 students appear for their examinations, the highest percentage being 94.33, scored by Abhimanyu Sethi. The number of failures were four.

While 13 students scored 80% and above, 63 scored above 60%.

46 students sat for the Class XII ISC Examinations. Vinay Pawar of Class XII Science top scored with 86.80%. Compared to last year’s top percentage in Class XII Science, 63.80%, this was a remarkable improvement. The number of failures were seven.

26 students scored 60% and above.

Other notable hits and misses during the year were:

  • In August 2013, we wrote to Samsonite requesting them for donation of Tree Guards for the School. They provided us with 50 Tree Guards which are visible around the School campus, protecting the trees.
  • The Evans Hall stage, curtains & stage screen was renovated through the generous donation of an Ex-Student.
  • Realizing the fact that the School was moving in the right direction, the Barnes School Ex-Students’ Association stepped forward to contribute for the Basketball & Tennis Court Lighting and Paver Blocks.
  • The Bansal Satellite Learning Program was introduced during the year, but had to be called off due to the discontinuation of the tie-up between Bansal and IODL. This Satellite Learning Program is being replaced by Sinhal Classes.
  • Anjum Rehman, our School Librarian, donated Gymnasium Equipment which enabled us to set up the room next to the Computer Lab as a Gymnasium for Staff and Students.
  • Our Maintenance Department was kept occupied throughout the year with trimming the bushes, repairing of water supply lines, the setting up of concrete flooring for the Gymnasium, pest control, keeping stray dogs off campus, road repairs, remarking and painting of the Basketball Court using rubberised paint, refilling of Fire Extinguishers, security fencing for the Swimming Pool.

 I wish I had the time to mention the enormous amount of work that gets done by our Maintenance Department, the Mess, our Members of Staff – Teaching Staff, Office Staff, the Hostel Staff and the Service Staff. They are too numerous to mention and thank individually, but too important not to mention at all.

I would also like to thank our Management, the Bombay Education Society for standing by us through thick and thin.

Ladies and Gentlemen – I did mention during our last Annual General Meeting with the Barnes School PTA that making Barnes one of the top educational institutions in the country is the path that we have taken. We have started on our road to truth and you have my word that we have every intention of going all the way. All we ask you to do to help us on this journey is – Trust in us. Keep the Faith. I promise you that we won’t disappoint you.


Thank you.


Julian Luke