The Crest

From the College of Arms, London, we have obtained the following complete authentic description:

It is a combination of the crests of Archdeacon Barnes, our Founder, on the left side, and that of his wife, who belonged to the Carnac family, on the right. On the left side is a blue shield with the faces of three white leopards and on the right, four quarters alternately white and blue with crossed swords, three five-pointed stars and a crescent.

School Logo

The stars are blue over the white quarters and white over the blue. Similarly the crescent is white and blue.

The bird is a white falcon with a golden beak and legs. It is standing on a green mount with six alternate twists of white and blue underneath.

The motto, Accepto Robore Surgam, in Latin, can be translated, “I shall arise with the strength I have received”.

This has a three-fold significance in our school days and after, we rise to even greater heights, fortified with the strength of body, mind and spirit which we have gained while in school.