The School Counselor

A School Counselor is the ear for student’s problems in school. Students in today’s world are faced with obstacles and challenges that involve a great degree of anxiety, and approaching these situations with poor choices only aggravates the situation. A Counselor helps bring about clarity and equips students emotionally to approach their issues in a manner which will reduce tension and restore hope. A counselor not only listens, but empowers students by appropriate guidance and emotional support to resolve and clarify situations themselves.

A School Counselor aids the psychological development of students and helps them grow emotionally healthy with lesser pressure that they are prone to in today’s day and age. In addition, being able to listen to what a student has to say, a Counselor helps all students in the areas of personal/social development and career development, ensuring today’s students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow.

Should you feel the need to be in contact with the School Counselor with regard to your child, you may mail at: