About Us

Barnes School and Junior College Devlali, one of India's largest co-educational day and boarding school in Western India enjoys an unparalleled view of the Sahyadaris in the Western Ghats. The 265-acre school is located on a hill at an altitude of 515 meters above sea level and experiences a year-round, pleasant climate.

Devlali, is a small hill station and a census town in Nashik district, Maharashtra which is a three and a half hour drive from Mumbai and a four and a half hour drive from Pune. Nashik is the third largest city in Maharashtra and also, one of the 4 major sacred cities in India. Mumbai, Pune, and Nashik are known as the golden triangle in Maharashtra.

I am delighted to welcome you to our school website. At Barnes we take the responsibility of nurturing our students’ dreams seriously and ensure they enjoy their academic journey as their most glorious years are spent in the safe environs of school, where the wonder of first time experience craft childhood memories that will be savoured forever.

The ethos that has taken Barnes years to build is palpable as soon as you enter the school, and even a casual visitor cannot help but be drawn to the warmth and care, particularly history that seems to be exuding from every corner.


As a recent visitor commented that even the bricks and walls seem to speak out. Barnes with its rich vibrant history of almost over 200 years is veritably a school for all seasons. It is our privilege to be educators and we value earnestly the privilege you have given us in entrusting your children in our care.

Child safety and child care have always been uppermost in our minds when formulating school policies and we always ensure that this leads to our children’s happiness which in turn transforms the kids into happy learners.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us or our Admissions Team in case you require any further clarifications because we are here to serve you and you parents are the reason why we flourish.

- Ainsley Edgar
  National Awardee (Govt. of India)

Serving educational requirement since 1925, Barnes welcomes families from all nationalities and offers the very best in Indian Education. This is within the context to an age old boarding community, and is epitomized by the school's philosophy of 'the best for every child.

A student joining Barnes at the Play School level at an age of 2 1/2 years may enjoy uninterrupted education for the next 15 years of his or her life with all the highest standards in academic studies and the varied activities that comprise student life in a boarding environment. This responsibility is undertaken by Barnes to prepare the students for challenges in life. However, this equally comes from the students participation in sport, music, drama, art and other Extra-Curricular activities.

Two families’ Coats of Arms have been combined to form the Crest of the Barnes School & Junior College.

The left half of the shield with blue background having the faces of three white leopards represents the family of our founder, the Venerable Archdeacon George Barnes.

The right half of the shield symbolises the Carnac family of George Barnes’ spouse, having four alternately blue and white quarters with two steel coloured crossed swords pointing upwards. The three five pointed stars and a white crescent are blue over white and white over blue quarters.

A white falcon with golden beak and legs perched on a green mount with six alternate twists of white and blue tops the Crest.

The motto, ‘Accepto Robore Surgam’ in Latin, can be interpreted as, ‘I shall arise with the strength I have received’.

(From the College of Arms, London)

mission & vision

Barnes is a perfect paradigm of the cultural diversity that India is known for. We are a rare combination of age-old values as well as new trends and our teachers are a perfect blend of the same.

The Residential Staff oversee the students with utmost care and make sure that the students are comfortable and feel safe. No stone is left unturned in their attempt to fill in a parent’s shoes. They are the students’ friends, guides, philosophers, and coaches depending on the situation. Their main objective is to help the students and show them the correct way.

  • 1 Selfless and patient while dealing with students
  • 2 Give the little ones big dreams
  • 3 Empower children to chase their dreams
  • 4 Help shape generations, impact minds to make the world a better place to live in
  • 5 A spark that lights up a child's future