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For us, the health of our students is of primary concern. We have an excellent infirmary on campus with medical professionals available around the clock

At the time of admission, we acquire each student’s medical records (including information on any allergies) so that it will be referred whenever he / she comes to the medical centre. Emergency first-aid is provided in case of any accident and the child is rushed to a hospital if the situation so worsens. We not only take care of the student's health but also advise them on hygiene and preventive care that may be needed during the years of rapid physical growth.

The infirmary within the campus with two qualified resident nurses, supporting staff. The clinic has an Isolation unit and an Intensive Care Unit. Minor ailments will be attended to immediately and in case of emergency, we are having a tie-up with the best multi-specialty hospital in Nashik. Two infirmary separate male and female wards.

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