Our Staff

As a young educator and having a Defence background, travelling to KV school located in Airforce Station, South Deolali in the 90s, I always passed by Gate Lodge and was intrigued by what lay beyond that majestic entrance.
I joined Barnes School in 2012 as a Chemistry Teacher in the ISC section. I took over as the Junior College Coordinator in 2013. In 2016, I was appointed as the Vice-Principal and continue in my role.
As Educators, Barnes has a very qualified, experienced and dedicated set of teachers; who on numerous occasions, go beyond the call of duty.
The Residential section of the school boasts of a long and proud list of Alumnis. The unity of the residential students is surprising where their family background, status, community has no bearing; they are united by a single idea of being a Barnesian. I strongly believe that the one quality Barnes empowers its students is the quality of ADAPTING. Our students can sit in a 7 star hotel and enjoy a seven-course meal with all the proper dining etiquette, and can also sit on the ground and relish the simplest food using their fingers. If this is not education and holistic development, then what is? The Principals who have headed Barnes have all left a lasting legacy. Our present Principal, Mr. Ainsley Edgar has a plethora of knowledge, experience and expertise and the entire Barnes Family can learn alot under his tutelage. The Management of Barnes School, the BES is the backbone of the school and it does everything in its power to ensure the smooth functioning of the school.

Residential Female Teaching Staff

Mrs Bandana Gurung D'Souza

Asst Teacher

Miss Carol Bernard

Teacher Support

Miss Casien Marchom

House President - Helen Keller

Miss Juella Fernandes

House President - Florence Nightingale

Mrs Leona Kingsellers

Junior School Supervisor

Mrs Lillian Roberts

Asst Teacher

Mrs Rachel Richter

House President Joan Of Arc

Mrs Rhea Simmons

House President Edith Cavell

Mrs Sarika Sonawane

Asst Teacher

Mrs Yogita Wasker

Teacher Support

Residential male Teaching Staff

Mr Collin Massey

House President & Block Master Spence

Mr Dadu Sonawane

HOD Hindi

Mr Daljit Singh

HOD Physical Education

Mr Dalton Wilson

Asst Teacher & Coach - Football

Mr Dhaval Chande

Asst Teacher Dance - Western

Mr Fabian Piper

Asst Coordinator - Activites

Mr Francis D'Souza

Middle School Coordinator, House President & Block Master Candy

Mr John Fransz

Asst Teacher

Mr Keith Richter

Asst Teacher & Coach - Cricket

Mr Leslie LaRiviere

Asst Teacher & House President Royal

Mr Lester Cramer

Asst Teacher & House President Greaves

Mr Trevis Dennis

Asst Teacher

Mr. Vilas Gangurde

Asst Teacher

Non - Residential Female Teaching Staff

Mrs Anupama Singh

Asst Teacher

Mrs Charlotte Thopil

Asst Teacher & Incharge - EUMIND

Mrs Delnaz Deolaliwala

Asst Teacher

Mrs Dipti Motghare

Asst Teacher & Coach - Basketball

Mrs Dola Sengupta

HOD Social Sciences

Mrs Elizabeth D'Cruz

Asst Teacher

Mrs Finella D'Cruz Shinde

Asst Teacher

Mrs Gabriela Dennis

Asst Teacher

Mrs. Gwendolyn Pereira

Asst Teacher

Mrs Hazel Phillips

Asst Teacher & HOD - English

Mrs Hema Pardeshi

Asst Teacher

Mrs Jacqueline Shaikh

Asst Teacher

Mrs Karen D'Souza

Asst Teacher

Miss Lilian Joseph

Asst Teacher

Mrs Mamta Lal

Asst Teacher & HOD - Science

Mrs Manisha Tribhuvan

Asst Teacher

Miss Margaret Swamy

Asst Teacher

Mrs Meenakshi Sharma

Asst Teacher

Mrs Mercy Thomas

Asst Teacher

Mrs Monica Durgesh

Asst Teacher & HOD - History

Ms Nisha Nair

Asst Teacher

Miss Pallavi Kasar

Asst Teacher

Ms Petrina Canday

Asst Teacher

Miss Pooja Gadgadekar

Asst Teacher

Mrs Rashmi Gosavi

Asst Teacher

Miss Rekha Kasar

Asst Teacher

Mrs Rooma Das

Asst Teacher

Mrs. Rovina Garud

Asst Teacher

Mrs Sampada Gadkari


Miss Sangeeta Khetri

Asst Teacher

Mrs Seema Deokar

Asst Teacher

Mrs Sharon Frederick

Pre-Primary Coordinator

Mrs Sheetal D'Abreu

Asst Teacher

Mrs Shelly Redden

Asst Teacher

Mrs Shiby Leen

Asst Teacher

Mrs Shireen Ajmerwala

Asst Teacher

Mrs Shirley D'Silva

Asst Teacher

Mrs Shraddha Ubale

Asst Teacher

Mrs Smita Bhavanavar

Asst Teacher

Mrs Soni Anand

Asst Teacher

Mrs Tilottama Francis

Asst Teacher

Mrs Vazira Poonawala

Asst Teacher

Non - Residential male Teaching Staff

Mr Aloysius Gonsalves

HOD Music

Mr Ashutosh Jadhav


Mr Deepak Rajput

Senior School & Junior College Coordinator & HOD Commercial Studies

Mr Kiran Waghulkar

HOD Computer

Mr Mario Gunnion

Asst Teacher

Mr Rajesh Mahajan

Coordinator IT

Mr Santosh Palde

Asst Teacher

Mr Sunil Sethi

Asst Teacher

Mr Suraj Pardesi

HOD Mathematics

Mr Vaibhav Patil

Asst Teacher & Coach - Swimming

Mr Vijay Musale

Asst Teacher

Office Staff

Mr Amar Girase

Accounts - Cashier

Miss Elaine Edgar

Assistant - Library & School Website

Mr Girish Mulay

Accounts Asst

Mrs Josephine Pinto

Junior Accounts Clerk

Mr Mathew Doraiswamy

Adm Asst - Legal

Mr Pavan Sughand

Executive Secretary

Miss Prerna Pillai

Junior Office Clerk

Mr Suryabhan Kharde

IT Maintenance

Miss Vandana Yadav

Junior Office Clerk

Maintenance Staff

Mr Fabian Kingsellers

Estate Manager

Mr Malcolm Jackson


Mr Martin Bernard

Maintenance Asst

Mr Shaun Gotting

Maintenance - Carpentry

miscellaneous Staff

Sister Beverley Paul

Nurse - Girls' Infirmary

Sister Purnima Adke

Nurse - Boys' Infirmary

Mr Chandrakant Patil

Security Officer

Mr. Ambadas Gulve

Security Officer

Miss Rebecca Bagalkot

Linen Room - Purchase

Mr Siddarth Rao

Mess Superintendent

Mr Lee Jude Mayers

Head Chef

Mr Glen Clark

Mess Asst

Mrs Anamika Dutt

Matron & Block Mistress - Senior Girls

Ms Jennifer Cox

Matron - Spence

Mrs Khandu Piper

Matron - Lloyd Block

Ms Liselle Belsher

Matron - Royal

Mrs Dimple LaRiviere

Lab in-charge

Mrs Rosy Bernard

Swimming Pool Attendant

Pastor Anoop Wasker

School Chaplain

Mr Elton D’Souza