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History of Barnes

Barnes School was founded on 29th January, 1925 in memory of Arch-Deacon George Barnes who had started the Bombay Education Society in 1815. During that time Barnes School was established primarily for Anglo-Indian Boys and Girls where they could be given a good upbringing and sound education. It is a private co-educational prep School. It is an Anglican School, founded in 1925, under the auspices of the Bombay Education Society. The School is twinned with Christ Church School, in Mumbai.

Both schools follow the ICSE curriculum and use the same shield as a badge or logo, Barnes is in blue and Christ Church is in green. It is still a Church School where Christian ideals are practiced and imparted. It has a long and proud record, meting out distinguished educational service while catering to students from all castes and creed.

Venerable Archdeacon George Barnes

On January 27th 1815 the Venerable Archdeacon George Barnes, the Senior Anglican Priest in Western India, preached to the congregation of St Thomas' Church, Bombay - now the Cathedral -appealing for help in educating the children of poor Europeans and Anglo Indians. Immediately after the service 'The Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor within the Government of Bombay' (now known as the Bombay Education Society) was formed with Sir Evan Nepean, then Governor of Bombay, as its first President. Archdeacon Barnes was only in India for twelve years, from 1814 to 1825.

In that time he not only founded the B.E.S. but established five churches: St James, Thana; Christ Church, Surat; St Paul's, Kaira ( in Gujarat); St James, Baroda and St Mary's, Poona.In the Cathedral at Exeter in England, there is a tablet in the chancel with these words: This tablet was erected by The Dean and other members of the Chapter to the memory of George Barnes D.D. The first Archdeacon of Bombay, who after twelve years spent in India, was spared to revisit his native land and become Archdeacon of Barns table, and Rector of Sowton in this diocese. Active, earnest, humble and sincere, he won the affection of his friends and the esteem of all good men. He died 29th, June AD. 1847.

The Crest

Two families’ Coats of Arms have been combined to form the Crest of the Barnes School & Junior College. The left half of the shield with blue background having the faces of three white leopards represents the family of our founder, the Venerable Archdeacon George Barnes. The right half of the shield symbolises the Carnac family of George Barnes’ spouse, having four alternately blue and white quarters with two steel coloured crossed swords pointing upwards. The three five pointed stars and a white crescent are blue over white and white over blue quarters. A white falcon with golden beak and legs perched on a green mount with six alternate twists of white and blue tops the Crest. The motto, ‘Accepto Robore Surgam’ in Latin, can be interpreted as, ‘I shall arise with the strength I have received’. (From the College of Arms, London)